2rooms in Station House

Mountain Hut Bedroom
Wake up by sound of train arriving (4persons) 
Train Rail Side
Japanese Style Room (3persons) Station Squere Side

 Log Cottage SUR Reserved for Private (5persons)

3rooms in Log House ALTO (12persons)
Ski and Boad Space

YUKI room (5persons)


MORI room (3persons)


YAMA Domitory Beds (3persons)


Meals from June to September Only

Dinner (18:00)  Charcoal fire mutton barbecue in platform
プラットホームでのジンギスカン 夕食 焼おにぎり

Mutton, Shrimp, Squid, Scallop, Onion, Green pepper, Pumpkin, Popato, Eggplant and 2Roast Riceball
And so on, Asparagus, Corn, Mackerel pike
We prepare Seasonal foods.
 Breakfast (7:15) 
朝食  Rice, Miso soup, Omelet, Ffish boiled down with soy, Spinach and Bacon fried with Butter, Seasoned laver etc.
 Standard Japanese-style.

Public Kitchen Provided
in Station House

in Log House ALTO